TeslaVision Diaspora Broadcast Network established 2006 with main goal to promote name and legacy of OUR people abroad.

Traditional, Economic and cultural integration wherever we are in the world, on the principle of other media such as Al Jazira or Russia Today, we promote Diaspora of our People. If we understand each other, enjoy cultural roots, if we are positive creative people desiring love and peace than we define as OUR PEOPLE.

Connectivity through today’s technology has never been easier, more efficient thanks to the idea and imagination of Nikola Tesla.

TeslaVision TV sets the 3×8 program scheme for the time zones of Australia, America and Europe. The content is produced in Toronto, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Viena and Paris for the time being, and these are the personal initiatives of people who see the meaning and importance of such a binding.

Where we are, who we are and where we are going, our intellect created either here or in the queen, and our connection with the outside world, which can be stimulated by such a medium for binding the mother and the outside world primarily motivated by the desire to create and help our nation wherever it is in the world and especially in the mother country.

By providing such a medium, the conditions for this and the quality and the result of this idea would be created.

In addition to the current shows being produced: American San, Power of Dust, Diaspora Diary, Fifth Continuum, Creative Soul, Toronto Serbian TV, West East Debate, In the West, nothing new, Asphalt Cowboy, Californication Quiver, we have a lot of plans but and a budget to launch even more stations, productions and productions around the world. The program contains creative short conceptual forms in music, short film as well as free forms. We encourage all creative mind to participate in program.

Although many like to consider this an impossible mission, this is a battle for a project worth it to fight