Ederlezi – Marga Muzika – Juke Train 203

Posted on : 11/30/-0001
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Few bands in the world can display such uncompromising sensibility like Marga Muzika. Whether is a traditional folk song or a powerful metal tune, the way in which they combine ancient folk with contemporary tones provides them with a unique personality. One that has awarded them many praises from both, World Music and Metal audiences alike Baltic, Slavic and Balkan songs in several languages constitute the repertoire of this band. Although originally based in Lithuania, the band has performed in multiple festivals all over Europe With colourful, playful and engaging rhythms from all corners of Europe merged in a festival of audible qualities, Marga Muzika will transport you to a world of knights, kings and some very tangible fairy tales Follow the link for more Juke Train videos: http://www.juketrain.com

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