Nikola Tesla – The Future Mission (HD)

Posted on : 01/08/2015
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This production was made in honor of one of the greatest and most useful men in history…..
NIKOLA TESLA – July 10th 1856 – January 7th 1943

Tesla\’s Ambassadors On Facebook:
Niko Tesla – Founder

A Motion Graphic Production By:
Fred Fernandez
PromoRific MotionGraphics

Narration By:
Charles Washington

Advanced CGI Advice:
asART. 3D & motion graphics
Abdy Shamloo

Motion Graphic Resources
Mike Winkelmann – Beeple

Free Tesla Cosmic Tower Footage Giveaway: ^_^
Alpha Matted Loopable Vector Tesla Tower

And For All Those Who Consider Themselves Tesla\’s Ambassadors…… Our Time Has Come!

Fred F.
PromoRific MotionGraphics

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