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Hometown: Addison, Ilinois
Occupation: Senior Project Manager
Starting Weight: 336 pounds
Current Weight: 165 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 171 pounds

Toma Dobrosavljevic was born in South Chicago to Serbian immigrant parents and raised with an older sister in nearby Addison, Illinois. In high school, Dobrosavljevic played football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, basketball and soccer. Soccer was his favorite sport and the one in which he excelled. After high school, he continued to play soccer in the most competitive league in the Chicago area. Dobrosavljevic got a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from DeVry University and a master’s degree in business administration from the Keller Graduate School of Management. His life changed dramatically nine years ago when his father died prematurely at age 54. Dobrosavljevic moved home to care for his mother, and he began to gain weight while trying to help his family deal with the devastating loss. He promised his father before he died that he would lose weight, and at 336 pounds, 33-year-old Dobrosavljevic is ready to fulfill that promise. He also got a big wake-up call when a life insurance agent recently told him that he was barely insurable because of his weight. Now Dobrosavljevic is looking ahead to a brighter future. He says, “I won’t be defined by how I got here, but where I’m going.” Once he loses the weight, he hopes to be able to try out for a professional soccer team.

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