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CLIMATE GLIMPSE: Here’s what you need to see and know today | AP News

CLIMATE GLIMPSE: Here’s what you need to see and know today | AP News

Water: important always, but a life-or-death substance at this moment as the planet grapples with extreme heat. In this arresting image from Phoenix, the sun beats down on the parched earth as Associated Press photographer Ross Franklin captures Tony Berastegui Jr., 15, right, and his sister Giselle Berastegui, 12, drinking bottled water in temperatures that soared to 115 degrees.

It’s a week of extremes across the world as midsummer heat and bad rain buffet parts of the planet. Here’s what’s happening related to extreme weather and the climate right now:

— Whether you live in the Mediterranean or are just visiting as a tourist, authorities have a recommendation: Stay inside. It’s too hot. More here from Colleen Barry and Jamey Keaten. And wildfires in Greece, Spain and Switzerland are still raging.

Other news

Fast-moving fires outside Athens forced authorities in Greece to close highways and cancel vacations for firefighters and evacuations were expanded and weather conditions continued to worsen.

Officials are warning residents and tourists packing Mediterranean destinations to stay indoors during the hottest hours as the second heat wave in as many weeks hits the region and Greece, Spain and Switzerland battle wildfires.

The Environmental Protection Agency says extensive swaths of the northern United States awoke to unhealthy air quality Monday morning or were experiencing it by midafternoon.

Firefighters have gained ground against a large wildfire and three smaller blazes in the torrid interior of Southern California, where excessive heat warnings remain in effect.

— In Arizona, Phoenix is struggling to beat the heat — even more than usual for its typically sweltering climate. In fact, it’s breaking its own record. Here’s a report from Seth Borenstein and Anita Snow.

—In France, drought and persistent heat has tourism operators worried about their future. Daniel Cole looks at how they are trying to adjust.

— AP photographers are capturing the heat across the world. Check the images out here.

— What’s a different way to cool your house? Isabella O’Malley delves into the world of geothermal heat pumps.

— Finally, spend some time with this graphically rich AP project, “Climate Connections,” done jointly with Grist. In it, Zoya Tierstein explores the links between climate and disease.


QUOTABLE: “I’ve been out here a long time and homeless for about three years. When it’s like this, you just have to get into the shade. This last week has been the hottest I ever remember.” — Lisa Miccichi, 38, pushing a shopping cart filled with her belongings through downtown Phoenix on Tuesday, looking for a place to get out of the heat.


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