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Torrential rains in South Korea kill at least 7 in landslides and floods | AP News

Torrential rains in South Korea kill at least 7 in landslides and floods | AP News

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Two days of heavy rain in South Korea killed at least seven people and left two others missing in landslides and floods, the government said Saturday. Additionally, eight people were trapped following landslides in central areas earlier in the day.

Three people were killed Saturday after landslides caused by torrential downpours buried their houses in two central towns, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety said in a report. It said two other people were also found dead elsewhere Saturday in landslide-related accidents, and two other people died in a building collapse caused by landslides in the central city of Nonsan on Friday.

The report said two people were missing Saturday after flooding in their village in the central town of Yecheon. It said five people were injured due to landslide-caused accidents, including a train-derailment, on Friday and Saturday.

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South Korea has been pounded by heavy rains since July 9. The ministry report said the rainfall forced about 1,570 people to evacuate and left thousands of households without electricity in the past several days.

South Korea’s weather agency said some parts of the country will continue to receive heavy rains until Sunday.


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